Why We Do It

Prevention Infographic

Prevention Education is Vital to our Cause

Every minute in the United States a child is reported abused or neglected.  One in ten is born affected by drugs.  Like the story below in the YouTube videoone in five is sexually abused.  Half a million children are reported abused in California each year.  Every day in California at least one child dies as a result of abuse or neglect.  Worldwide, 53,000 children die annually as a result of homicide and 1 million are forced into prostitution and child pornography.  Hearts are broken with each death, hopes are destroyed and the promise of a future is lost forever.

As we talk about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), the Centers for Disease Control sponsored study, Drs. Anda and Felleti discovered a strong correlation between childhood abuse and subsequent adult diseases including diabetes, obesity, depression, hepatitis, alcoholism, heart disease, fractures and suicide.  For people who experienced four or more types of adverse childhood experiences, such as child abuse, the likelihood is increased by:

Abuse Leads to Addiction*

Treatment costs 100 times more than prevention – and it is after the harm has occurred. Nationally, a case of child abuse or neglect costs an average of $128,000. Our services cost $1,200 per child to prevent the harm from ever happening.