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Local nonprofit organizations change lives daily. From after-school programs for children and families to mobilizing resources and events, these opportunities thrive on donations. But giving doesn’t have to be monetary. Here are three money-free ways to support local programming.

The Gift of Time

Nonprofit organizations and programming rely on volunteers to organize and conduct classes, programming, and events. People with spare time on their hands can donate one or two evenings a week to make these programs a reality from one month to the next. For some programs, just one hour of volunteering per week means the difference between offering the program or not. Never underestimate the power of donating time. Many programs do not require a daily or weekly commitment.

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Volunteers who prefer to stay behind the scenes can donate their specialized skills and talents to keep the organization running smoothly. Nonprofit organizations run on a limited staff and budget and always need extra help. Consider offering to do accounting tasks, write articles for newsletters, clean the event area, or plant flowers to make the facility more attractive. These indirect volunteer opportunities are then enjoyed by everyone: staff, volunteers, and clients.

Volunteering Experience

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