About Us

Our goal is to build a resilient community.

The Madera County Child Abuse Prevention Council (MCCAPC) is an organization that began in 1986. We became a non-profit agency in November of 2002. For 35 years, MCCAPC has provided a forum of preventative services and activities. In addition, our organization has established partnerships and collaborative relationships with other agencies in the community to improve the lives and well being of children and families throughout Madera County.

To make a greater impact in the central valley, MCCAPC is also a part of a greater whole, and is a member of the Central California Coalition of Child Abuse Prevention Councils. MCCAPC could not perform these services without its collaborative partners and members.

Meet Our Team:

Director of MCCAPC 2023 Gabrielle Sibley


Executive Director

Iris Salvatier, MCCAPC Operations Assistant

Iris Reyes-Salvatier

Operations Assistant


We want our community to understand the long term effects of child abuse and neglect. To achieve this goal we ensure that parents have the skills and resources needed to care for their children in order to make Madera County a better place for all children and families. We will continue to bring awareness to our cause in hopes of preventing future child abuse cases.


To support community efforts in the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse by promoting and facilitating education that strengthens, empowers, and preserves the dignity of individuals and families.


Executive Director

Director of MCCAPC, Gabrielle Sibley

Gabrielle Sibley

MCCAPC is a non-profit agency that has many years of existence, since 1986. The mission of this organization continues to make strides to support community efforts in the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse by continuing the promotion and facilitation of education in our community to strengthen and empower individuals and families while preserving their dignity.

Our agency focuses on mobilizing collaborations with fellow agencies in efforts to provide classes to empower parents in communication with their adolescent, to continue providing classes that assist adolescents in relationship skills to built resiliency factors, to maintain technology strategies to combat the human trafficking of children, to educate the community professionals in mandated reporter protocol, to educate the community families in child abuse and promoting Child Abuse Prevention Month every April.

We hope to expand our organization’s efforts and bring more services to Madera County to bring continued support and innovative strategies in this movement to building resiliency and ending child abuse and neglect. This would not be possible without our community partnerships, members, and donations. Thank you for your genuine interest in the care of our children and may we grow stronger together.


Gabrielle SibleyExecutive Director

MCCAPC Board of Directors

2022 – Current



I am so proud to be serving as the new President of Madera County Child Abuse
Prevention Council. This year has been one full of accomplishments and new connections.

Our organization continues to provide several
programs to the children and families in our
community such as Parents as Teachers and
Active Parenting of Teens.

Our organization is
continuing to look for and apply new and
improved evidence-based programs to initiate for the benefit of our community families. We understand the need to grow and adapt to new and complex family dynamics. Now more than ever, we need to be supportive and encouraging to our youth as they struggle with societal changes. 

Photo of Jennifer Coronado, Board Vice President.

Coronado, M.S

Vice President

Jennifer has been working in the field of victimology for fifteen years. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology with an emphasis on Victimology. She also received her master’s degree in criminology from California State University, Fresno.

I was born and raised in Madera. I have a passion to better the community and to assist those in need. I am the Program Manager of the Community Action Partnership of Madera County-Victim Services.

I hope to bring awareness and education to the community to decrease the cycle of
violence through prevention and intervention.

Photo of Katherine Padilla, Board President.



I firmly believe that children are our society’s most vulnerable members. We must protect them and educate others on how to spot child abuse or neglect in our community. Every choice we make will impact our future – since children are the future and have a right to grow up in a safe environment.

By nature, I like to care for others and hope we can improve our community. Our actions or inaction can significantly impact these little ones, and I take pride in knowing that I am a member of this board that shares similar values.


Guadalupe Manzano


Guadalupe is a dedicated and passionate advocate for child welfare, currently serving as the Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Child Abuse Prevention Nonprofit organization. With a background in health as a program manager, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organization.

Danielle Palomar MCCAPC Board Parent Representative 2023


Parent Representative

Danielle’s commitment to preventing child abuse stems from her deep understanding of the importance of a safe and nurturing environment for every child. She has been actively involved in various initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness about child abuse and advocate for policies that protect the rights and well-being of children.

Director At-Large

Sally Moreno, Madera District Attorney
Sally Moreno
Madera District Attorney
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Sandra Mendez, Director-At-Large
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Brandi Snider, Director-At-Large
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Daniel Barrios, Director-At-Large
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Headshot of Tamica Hill
Tamica Hill

Tamica Hill is currently the Executive Director of the Arc of Fresno and Madera Counties. She has a long history of working in non-profit organizations providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

She holds a master’s in organizational leadership from National University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies completed at California State University Fresno. She has served on the board of MCCAPC for 3 years.

Audrey Garcia, Director-At-Large
Audrey Garcia
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Marlene Aguilar, Director-At-Large
Marlene Aguilar
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Diana Saenz
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